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About SAAOL Ortho Care

SAAOL is a Rajasthani word which means “the correct and perfect way of doing something”. SAAOL or Science And Art Of Living is based on the core philosophy of culminating modern and established medical sciences, which includes modern allopathic medicines and recent radiological and pathological tests, with ancient Indian culture of proper art of living involving lifestyle changes, stress management, mindfulness, healthy diet and exercises. SAAOL does not advocate or rather advise against any sort of surgical interventions to the human body as our natural, multidisciplinary and holistic approach is far more effective and sustainable for long lasting relief from ailments and healthier life. By diligently following our treatment approach and educating oneself about the human body, we can cure any lifestyle-oriented disease.

SAAOL Heart Care was envisioned and founded in 1995 by Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MBBS, MD who worked in AIIMS, New Delhi previously. Today he is a well-known personality in the world of medical science in India and abroad. He is the pioneer of Non-invasive cardiology in India. Brainchild of Dr. Chhajer, “SAAOL Heart Program” today is a widely accepted treatment program for reversing heart disease – where in addition to the allopathic medicines, patients are taught yoga, meditation, zero oil cooking, stress management, exercise and medical knowledge. He has authored about 70+ books for heart patients and health, his numerous lectures are available in the form of DVD, Internet/You tube. With over 27 years of experience and treating more than 5 lakh patients who could avoid bypass surgery or angioplasty, SAAOL Heart Care has penetrated not just across the length and breadth of the country with its 100 centres (including tier 2 and 3 cities) but also made international footprints by opening clinics in Bangladesh and Nepal. SAAOL has pioneered in Non-Invasive Heart Treatment and over the years developed holistic, comprehensive, affordable and sustainable treatments programs for patients.

Just like Heart ailments and coronary artery disease, degenerative problems of joints and spine are also largely due to improper lifestyle and posture. So, based on the core philosophy of SAAOL, which is to provide holistic, affordable, sustainable, non-surgical and multipronged treatment, Dr Bimal Chhajer dreamt of opening a chain of orthopaedic pain management clinics across the nation which can become a one-stop non-surgical, minimal invasive solution to all your joint and spine pains. And thus, he launched SAAOL Ortho Care. To bring this dream into reality, Dr Chhajer was joined by Dr. Rachit Gulati, MBBS, MD, FIPM as Medical Director of SAAOL Ortho Care.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer
Founder of SAAOL Heart Centre

Dr. Bimal Chhajer MBBS, MD is a well-known personality in the world of medical science in India and abroad. He is the pioneer of Non-invasive cardiology in India. Born in 1961 in a Jain family, Dr. Chhajer grew up in a small village in West Bengal and passed his matriculation with flying colours from a local school. He studied in St. Lawrence high school in Kolkata thereafter and in 1986 pursued his MBBS from R.G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata. At the age of 25, he shifted to Delhi, where he started working in the cardiology department in Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi. A particular incident changed his life here and reformed his idea about the treatment of cardiac patients. He started advocating non-invasive or preventive cardiology. He then completed his MD in 1989 from king George’s Medical College, Lucknow where he took up a research study to treat heart patients using non-Invasive methods. Post MD he worked at the famous All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for six years (1989-1995) as a Senior Resident and as an Assistant Professor. He also got training in yoga therapy. His research at the AIIMS showed that not only heart patients could prevent coronary heart disease but can also reverse or cure heart disease.

In 1996 Dr. Chhajer opened his second clinic in Mumbai and subsequently expanded to Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. These were followed by a spread of Saaol Centers all over the country. In 2009 Saaol opened its first international Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh and a year later in Nepal, Kathmandu. Currently Dr. Chhajer has 100 centers across India and the subcontinent. Saaol Heart Center is now the largest chain of non-invasive cardiology clinics in the world.

DR. Rachit Gulati
(MBBS, MD, FIPM) [Medical Director]

Dr Rachit Gulati grew up in Jaipur (Rajasthan) where he completed his MBBS from Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Medical College. He later did his post graduation (MD) from R.G Kar Medical College, Kolkata. It is the same medical college from which Dr Bimal Chhajer graduated. Post MD, Dr Gulati worked in AIIMS, Bhopal. He also got Fellowship in Pain Management (FIPM) and did certifications in Rheumatology (from EULAR, Switzerland) and Palliative Care (from IAPC). Dr Gulati has been trained in Ultrasonography and fluoroscopy guided minimally invasive, advanced pain interventions by the legends of the field. He believes in diagnosing and treating the pinpoint cause of pain and using a personalised and holistic approach in treating chronic pain and rheumatological conditions. He is dedicated to help his patients regain their best possible function through pain reduction techniques, interventions, lifestyle modifications and rehabilitation.

  • Dr Sanat Kumar Sarkar Gold Medal for Best Poster – IAPMRCON 2018 (Delhi)
  • Best Paper Presentation – CONCORD 2017 (Spinal Cord Society of Bengal)
  • Low Cost Treatment Idea Award – ICRA Pain 2016
  • A total of 16 Publications in National and International Journals
  • Many Lectures in various conferences in CMEs
  • EPM Certified Trainer from Faculty of Pain Medicine (Australia and New Zealand)
  • FIPM Program Faculty (LNCT University, Bhopal)
Our Team
Mr. Pankaj Baid[Director Of Operations]

Mr. Pankaj has been associated with the SAAOL Ortho Care center since day one and he has good experience for managing healthcare centers.

Dt. Sakshi Basoya [Dietitian]

4+ years of experience in clinical Nutrition & Dietetics.

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A Comprehensive &Integrated, Non-Surgical Pain Management Program

At SAAOL Ortho Care we follow a tailor-made, comprehensive, holistic, patient centric and multimodal approach to correctly diagnose and treat your ailment. We follow a scientifically proven model which we call “SAAOL Ecosystem” which takes into account the Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Pain and provides a highly integrated non-surgical approach to pain management. Our dedicated team of highly qualified and hardworking professionals understand your pain and ensure best quality service, patient comfort, safety and utmost satisfaction for all our patients.

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  • Lifestyle Management
  • Body Conditioning
  • SAAOL Treatment
  • Body Detoxification
Vision & Mission
Saaol India’s Leading Ortho Centre

Saaol Ortho care center is creating a better future for healthcare in India and beyond. We strive to provide professional diagnosis and complete treatment for all bone, musculoskeletal, and joint issues with expertise in surgery and non-surgical treatments. We organize and participate in actual collaborations to expand accessibility. We invest in technology and training to build new paths to improve our services' speed, efficacy, and accuracy.

Our Vision

To be recognized as India’s leading chain of non-surgical orthopaedic pain management clinics by providing the most affordable and best quality care. Our goal is to help each patient suffering from pain to improve their quality of life and become more functional.

Our Mission

We are committed and dedicated to provide highest quality and personalised care to improve our patients’ quality of life. We believe in accurately diagnosing and holistically managing the pinpoint cause of pain. We follow a comprehensive, non-surgical and multidisciplinary approach and strive to become a one stop solution to all your body pains.

Our Values

Our values represent a set of fundamental beliefs that shape our daily behaviour, working environment and decisions that we take as an organisation and team. It comes from our tagline, Live Pain Free